Session 3 — 10:30 – 12:15 p.m.

Session Overview

This facilitated session will include three panels representing types of stakeholders (sender, carrier/service provider, recipient).  Each panel will present information on how its stakeholder group views the USPS’ mailbox monopoly and how changes to the monopoly could impact their stakeholder group.  Following each panel presentation, event participants will engage in interactive discussion with the panelists and the group to identify types of stakeholders that could be either positively or negatively impacted by changes to the USPS mailbox monopoly.  One of the goals of this session is to help identify impacts of changes to the monopoly on different groups of stakeholders.


Moderators – Lori Rectanus, GAO & Kathleen Siviter, PostalVision
Panel 1 & Discussion: Senders
Art Sackler, National Postal Policy Council (NPPC)
Hamilton Davison, American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA)
TBD — Retail/eCommerce


Panel 2 & Discussion: Carriers/Service Providers
TBD — alternate delivery carrier
TBD — parcel carriers


Panel 3 & Discussion: Recipients
Matt Swain, Keypoint Intelligence
Linda Sherry, Consumer Action


Food for Thought

Here are some thought-provoking statements and questions to consider for this session.  We look forward to event participants adding even more to this dialogue and the take-aways from this event.

  • What specific delivery needs do each of the different types of stakeholders have, and how might those needs be impacted by changes to the USPS’ mailbox monopoly?
  • Which stakeholder groups could be adversely impacted by different changes, and are there ways to mitigate those impacts?
  • Which stakeholder groups could be positively impacted by different changes?
  • Are there alternate solutions that should be considered in terms of lessening negative impacts on stakeholder groups?