Resarch Underlying Trends Panel

Day 1 March 15th 9:15 – 10:00 a.m.


Session Overview

Returning PostalVision industry research experts Brody Buhler, Accenture, and Cooper Smith, Business Insider Intelligence, presented and discussed recent research and data related to the B2Me consumer trends.  Following on the heels of the recent media storm around intelligence from Bloomberg that Amazon is building a shipping and logistics arm that could rock the shipping industry,  Cooper Smith, Senior Research Analyst for Business Insider Intelligence (BII), presented a data-driven presenetation: “The Everything Shipper:  Amazon and the New Age of Delivery.”

According to Bloomberg, Amazon’s project, internally called “Dragon Boat,” would launch a new global supply chain business by Amazon as early as this year, and would compete directly with businesses such as FedEx and UPS.   Cooper’s presentation focused on what Amazon is doing in this new age of retail and delivery, and how it will disrupt legacy shippers.  Cooper also touched on other vertical activity in this space, including moves by giant retailers such as Walmart and Alibaba.

Accenture has recently conducted global research across ten countries on what small to medium eTailers are demanding from their logistics providers.  In addition, a benchmark of existing market capabilities was created to understand what retailers are currently providing to consumers.  Brody Buhler, Accenture, presented findings from these global studies along with the implications they have for organizations looking to grow their market share of these key segments.

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Our Favorite Postal Visionary Insights from this session:

The bulk of growth in ecommerce (75%) is coming from new consumers trying cross-border for the first time…and they have very different expectations — they expect the experience to be just like domestic ecommerce, but they are very different experiences right now. Brody Buhler, Accenture.

“Shipping providers and retailers traditionally have symbiotic relationships, but we are now seeing Amazon and others wanting to become vertical suppliers,” Cooper Smith, Business Insider Intelligence.


Session Presentations

Slides Used in this session: Research and Data Underlying Game Changing Trends

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