Nye Stevens150x150Nye Stevens retired after 35 years of federal government service in 2006 and has been retained since then as a contractor for the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General.  He began his career at the Office of Management and Budget, specializing in government management and organization.  In 1982 he joined the Government Accountability Office, where he served as Director of the Federal Management and Workforce issue area, which included responsibility for GAO’s work on the United States Postal Service, testifying before Congressional committees more than 100 times in that capacity. In 2000, Nye became deputy director of the Government and Finance Division of the Congressional Research Service and simultaneously served as its analyst for postal affairs, authoring 25 reports for Congress on postal issues. Nye has degrees from Harvard College and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton, and was awarded a bronze star for service as an Army officer in Vietnam.


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