Dr. Farah Abdallah is an expert in innovation management. She has an engineering degree in telecommunications and networks and a doctoral degree in management of technology and entrepreneurship from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland. She is the author of several research and consultancy reports on the use of the Information and Communication Technologies in the development of new strategies and business models, including “Coopetition: Firms strategies and performance”, “ICTS, new services and transformation of the post”, “Measuring postal e-services development: An international perspective”.

As an expert in electronic postal services at the Universal Postal Union (UN specialized agency), she supported the posts and governments in developing strategies and innovative services related to international e-commerce, e-government, and secure e-communication. Her responsibilities included the development of an Internet top-level domain, “.post”, which serves as a platform for the development of international hybrid postal services, integrating the digital and the physical networks based on identity and address management. Currently, Farah works as Sr. product manager at eBay Inc.


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