Dennis Delehanty most recently served as Director for Postal Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, where for nine years he acted as the chief U.S. government official responsible for U.S. foreign policy related to international postal and private-sector delivery services. In this role, Delehanty regularly led U.S. delegations to major international postal meetings.

Delehanty entered USPS headquarters in 1979 as a junior international postal affairs officer, and from 1986 to 1992, worked at the UPU in Bern, primarily responsible for EMS (Express Mail). Returning to Washington, Delehanty led the UPU team that negotiated contracts with private courier companies for the delivery of EMS items in Europe and Canada. The experience gained in this effort led Delehanty to form the EMS Cooperative, which the 1999 Beijing UPU Congress formally endorsed, electing Delehanty as Chairman of the organization’s Board, a position he held through 2003. The programs initiated by the Cooperative, which has now over 170 member postal operators, dramatically improved the quality of EMS worldwide, and the organization itself serves as a structural model for other UN specialized agencies.

A native New Englander, Delehanty majored in Russian at Colby College and earned his Master’s Degree in Russian Studies at George Washington University. He also completed studies at the Pushkin Institute (Moscow) and the Shanghai Foreign Language Institute. Delehanty speaks Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese.


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