Blake Bartkiewicz150x150Blake Bartkiewicz is an honors student at Canton High School who will be attending Avon Old Farms school in the Fall. He is bi-lingual, having lived and been schooled in Madrid, Spain, and he was recently inducted into the Spanish National Honor Society for his leadership in language and academic excellence.  Blake is a co-founder of, a cloud based platform to revive and reinvent letter writing for the Digital (and Postal) Age. He is a technology innovator who cares as much about effectively communicating with his grandparents in Spain and Rhode Island as he does designing new mobile concepts. He resides in Canton, CT with his parents and brother, Dane, and sister, Ana, both fellow letter writers.

Blake coined the phrase “purposeful permanence” when developing ways to revive postal experiences with new technology. In June Blake has been invited to participate in the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, DC.



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