Innovation and Invention Supply Chain Panel

Day 1 March 15th 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Session Overview

Mike Comstock, SVP of Customer Success/Strategy at Grand Canal Solutions and Co-founder of Ursa Major Associates moderated this panel discussion of recent innovation and invention being seen in the postal/logistics/distribution supply chain.  Panelists included Endicia general manager and co-founder Shea Felix, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager; Jay Emmet, General Manager, OpenMarket and SVP at Amdocs; Nagesh Kadaba, senior advisor at ipCG ; and Ramesh Ratan, CEO at Bell and Howell, who discussed how supply chain partners are solving B2Me challenges with innovation and new inventions.

An in-depth coverage article on the session will be posted soon!

Our Favorite Postal Visionary Moments from this session:

“There are a number of limitations in today’s supply chain. Companies like Amazon really do have a leg up on many of the stakeholders in the supply chain, primarily because they are operating nearly end-to-end, starting from consumer demand all the way through delivery.”   Mike Comstock, Grand Canal Solutions

“Shipping itself is an influencer in e-commerce.  There was a time when eBay did not have a shipping platform – they did not even have tools that listed shipping services.  They realized that their number one pain point was shipping, and they knew that solving that pain point would drive commerce.”  Shea Felix, Endicia

We use the term ‘innovate’ a lot.  For us, it means improving the customer’s experience.  If it does not touch the customer, it’s not innovation, it’s just cost-cutting. Jay Emmet, OpenMarket/Amdocs

“Innovation is the process of taking an idea from the mind of your employees or founders, to market.  Today, we see a lot of innovation and invention going on in the last mile.“  Nagesh Kadaba, ipCG

“We are taking all the things we’ve learned with letters and mail, and applying them to parcels.“   Ramesh Ratan, Bell and Howell.


Session Presentations

Slides Used in This Session:  Innovation and Invention in the Supply Chain

Check out the Video of this session on the PostalVision YouTube Channel


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