Integrating 3D Printers In the Supply Chain and the Impact on Logistics

Announced this week, China state firms, including the Postal Savings Bank of China, have teamed up on an initiative to invest in new technologies, in “emerging strategic industries,” including robotics, clean energy, aerospace, quantum communication, high-speed rail and 3D printing.  The initiative takes advantage of a 200 billion yen venture capital fund approved by China’s Read More

L2 Announces Amazon Prime Model Analysis

L2 on April 21, 2017, announced availability of its latest business intelligence analysis:  “Amazon Intelligence:  Prime Assortment.”  “Amazon Prime’s industry-leading fulfillment services are changing how consumers shop for everyday items, encouraging replenishment and subscription-based shopping across a wide range of CPG categories,” L2 said. “By tailoring their distribution strategies on the platform to focus on Read More

Event Offers “Virtually” Everything

PostalVision 2020/7.0 Event to Include Virtual Reality Experiences   As always, PostalVision and new technology are “virtually” synonymous…our past events featured drones way before they were envisioned for package delivery; rapid packaging innovation and community intranet developments; and last year Starship’s ground delivery robots were tooling up and down the halls of our event!   Read More

The Emerging Digital-Physical Blend

PostalVision 2020/7.0 Event to Feature New Digital-Physical Business Models   PostalVision 2020/7.0 will feature a long list of speakers and sessions focused not only on new business models on the parcel side of the ecosystem, but also on the mail side.  The March 21-22, 2017 event will continue the dialogue about the future needs of Americans Read More

3 Ways Logistics Companies Should Harness SMS for Better Customer Service

Written by David Lione, Senior Enterprise Account Director, for PostalVision 2020 Pillar Sponsor OpenMarket SMS, or text messaging, is one of the most widely used communication tools for consumers, and arguably the most effective, with over 80% of consumers opening text messages within just 90 seconds of receiving them. In addition, a recent OpenMarket survey stat Read More

Global Leaders in Postal Ecosystem to Gather for PostalVision/2020 B2Me Event

  A prestigious list of global postal industry leaders will gather to participate in the upcomingPostalVision 2020 event, to be held March 15-16, 2016, in the Washington DC area.  Executives from a variety of foreign posts, the head of the USPS’ global business group, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) product strategy manager, and leading international Read More

Catching the Waves of eCommerce

It was still quite warm in Geneva and Paris at the time of September’s key international postal conferences, the Postal Innovation Platform (PIP) and PostExpo. But the atmosphere of approaching seasonal change was very much in the air, as was the conversation about the accelerating rate of change in the global postal ecosystem. A consensus Read More

Emerging “B2Me” Parcel Delivery Models

Parcel log-jams Laura Kusisto’s recent WSJ piece “Web-Shopping Deluge Boxes In Landlords” is a fascinating depiction of the power of “B2Me” getting out of control. American consumers are becoming accustomed to buying almost anything and everything online and are expecting to receive their purchases whenever and wherever they want them. Since urban apartment dwellers are Read More

Mail of the Future

 What Will the Mail of the Future Look Like? (Part 1 of a Series) Innovation is all around us.   And so is marketing, as businesses compete to grab our attention.  We’ve already seen significant changes in the past few years in the types of media being used by consumers, as well as the technology being Read More