Retail Front End First Mile Panel 

Day 1 March 15th 2:00 – 2:45 pm

Session Overview

Robert Reisner, PwC, moderated a diverse panel including Neel Murthy, SwapBox;  Canada Post General Manager of Retail John Reis; and Anthony Watson, founding partner and head of Business Development for ShipBob.  Discussions focused on the front-end retail (first mile) consumer transaction and purchase, with an eye toward B2Me solutions.

An in-depth coverage article on the session will be posted soon!

Our Favorite Postal Visionary Moments from this session:

“We’re trying to do something here in the U.S. that Europe has done for a long time.  We’re trying to build postal offerings that are brand and carrier agnostic so they work for all retailers.  We think this is a concept people need in the U.S. market, and we have a large focus toward on-demand and services that will encompass a large part of the U.S. retail ecosystem.“  Neel Murthy, SwapBox.

“We’ve done something innovative to support ecommerce – a concept store which includes drive-through, self-service induction, extended hours, vending and a fitting room for people to try on purchases and facilitate returns on the spot.“   John Reis, Canada Post

“Ecommerce software has made online selling easy, but there is no easy fulfillment solution.  Small businesses spend about 25% of their revenue for fulfillment and shipping.  For start-ups where 99% are expected to fail – it’s innovate or die.“  Anthony Watson, ShipBob


Session Presentations

Slides Used in this Session:  B2Me Retail Front End First Mile

Check out the Video of this session on the PostalVision YouTube Channel

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