Data Panel

Day 1 March 15th 10:15 – 11:00 a.m.

Session Overview

Taking a closer look at data on consumer behaviors and responses, this panel delved deeper into how businesses are using consumer data and what it is showing them about consumer behavior.  Dr. Angelika Dimoka, director of the Center for Neural Decision Making at Temple University joined Jonathan Margulies, managing director at Winterberry Group, and Lisa Rapp, Director of Product Management at Acxiom, for an analysis and discussion of consumer data applications.

Dr. Angelika Dimoka played an instrumental role in the recent research effort sponsored by the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG), “Enhancing the Value of Mail:  The Human Response (  The USPS OIG worked with Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making to conduct a neuromarketing study focused on the differing response to physical and digital media in the consumer buying process, including intent to purchase.

Lisa Rapp, Acxiom, discussed how marketing channels are fragmenting and the customer journey is becoming more complex.  She noted that consumers increasingly want a voice in how their data is collected and used, and discussed Acxiom’s initiative.

Jonathan Margulies, Winterberry Group, discussed how marketers are interacting with consumers across all media and channels, the growing complexity of customer management, and the simultaneous threat and opportunity as consumers demand more control.

An in-depth coverage article on the session has been posted here!


Our Favorite Postal Visionary Moments from this session:

We saw higher emotional reaction to ads when presented on physical format than digital,” Dr. Angelika Dimoka, Director, Center for Neural Decision Making at Temple University.

Consumers have more power than ever before.  In the future, the brands that are going to succeed are the ones that offer the best customer experience, and the only way to have a great customer experience is to know who that customer is throughout their journey,” Lisa Rapp, Director of Product Management, Acxiom.

Marketers understand that mail delivers value because it is in somebody’s hands and can provoke a response or emotional reaction that is independent from that which they can see from an email or an online display ad or anything else,” Jonathan Margulies, Managing Director, Winterberry Group.


Session Presentations

Slides Used in Session:  B2Me Consumer Data Applications and Analysis

Check out the Video of this session on the PostalVision YouTube Channel


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