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Who we are | PostalVision 2020

ursamajor-logoThe Postal – Parcel – Logistics – Delivery Ecosystem is a vast and complex network connecting the world’s businesses, governments and people through tangible communications and commerce. After more than a century of relative stability, its conventional structural and operating model is suddenly shaken. It is now rapidly and radically transforming. PostalVision 2020 attempts to follow, comprehend and analyze the trends that are driving the ecosystem’s tectonic shifts, yet it is impossible to consider all its elements.

We have identified four key areas that we believe are having the most critical influence on shaping the ecosystem of the future.  Each is already experiencing a dramatic rate of change. We will monitor and analyze the dynamics of the following Key Areas of Focus in order to meet its challenges and exploit its opportunities.

Postal Platform

  • Technological disruption
  • Legislative reform
  • Business model modification
  • Global ecosystem trends
Digital Transformation of Mail

  • Adaptation to disruptive technologies
  • New business processes and models
  • Leveraging technology to meet customer needs
  • Hybrid mail development and application
Delivery Dynamics

  • eCommerce driven logistics
  • Increasing consumer power
  • Delivery carrier optimization
  • Omni-channel fulfillment
Cross-Border eCommerce

  • Assessment and strategy
  • Localization approach
  • Global regulation and compliance
  • Pricing and Payment
  • Shipping and returns

The postal system is more than just a delivery channel. It is a unique platform for business and economic growth. This public-private partnership has the potential to create new capabilities to respond to the rapidly changing business environment. PostalVision 2020 has been intimately involved in the changes from both the industry and postal perspectives, and brings an approach that crosses functional and industry segment silos to focus on new opportunities.

Postal systems have long traditions of public service that influences their design and operations, even as they struggle to adopt businesslike principles of profit-seeking efficiency, product development and service delivery, and marketing in a competitive environment. PostalVision 2020 is familiar with the need for balance, and to respect the values of universal and public service as business strategies are developed. Coming from backgrounds in regulated industries such as transportation and the postal world, PostalVision 2020 can help industry stakeholders develop effective, nuanced positions in a confusing and often frustrating public policy environment.

The future will depend on more openness and collaboration among postal providers, their suppliers, and their mailing and shipping partners in the industry. PostalVision 2020 is well versed in developing collaborative approaches to product and service innovation in the industry, and have been involved in several major projects that have been effectively implemented.

eCommerce is creating a global market for businesses and for consumers. Some major posts have begun to take advantage of this major trend, while others lag behind. There is sufficient opportunity for all to re-create themselves as global platforms for growth. PostalVision 2020 has solid international experience and can help posts and postal customers create a path to a global future.