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What Did It Take to Build the World’s Largest Integrated Delivery Network? | PostalVision 2020

What Did It Take to Build the World’s Largest Integrated Delivery Network?

Join us for a Fireside Chat with DHL International Co-founder, Dave Allen, OBE

DHL was established eponymously by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn in 1969 as a “courier” service for the delivery of ships’ manifests from San Francisco to Honolulu. Dave Allen joined Bill Robinson in Sydney, Australia in 1972 and with the help of some his rugby friends set about to conquer the world of document and small parcel delivery over the next three decades.

As a special feature of this year’s PostalVision 2020 event, Dave Allen will join PostalVision’s John Callan, an early DHL player himself, for a ‘fireside chat,’ about what it took to stitch together the world’s most comprehensive hand delivery network. The full story of the foundation and global conquest of DHL as a team-spirited adventure in global entrepreneurism is told by Jane Chung in her engrossing eye-witness account of how the founders did it in her new book, “DHL – Three Letters That Shrank The World”, now available at Amazon.

“This roller coaster adventure was undertaken by a mainly young, inexperienced, eclectic and enthusiastic workforce who in twenty years created the world’s largest global network with dedicated operations in 197 countries- uniquely being considered local everywhere.”

Dave Allen will share his personal recollections, stories and advice for today’s startups about how “disruption” is hardly a new growth concept and has always been an imperative for breakthrough and breakout into entirely new business models for meeting customer needs. DHL blatantly broke the rules established by sovereign posts, won over customer support and ultimately turned a traditionally twentieth century adversarial public – private sector relationship into a twenty-first century collaborative global mail and parcel delivery ecosystem.

In celebration of DHL’s fiftieth anniversary, PostalVision 2020/9.0 delegates will have an opportunity to enter a drawing for signed copies of Jane Chung’s new book, and for DHL’s commemorative pictorial album, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” which is not available for purchase by the public.

Join delegates from all across the global postal ecosystem at PostalVision 2020/9.0! Register now for final early bird discount that expires MAY 15!!

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