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PostalVision 2020 is proud and excited to announce that registration is now open for its ninth annual conference, themed Embracing “the USO” – Universal Service Opportunities for the Global Postal-Parcel Ecosystem. Our 2019 event will take place June 5-7, 2019, once again at The Ritz Carlton Pentagon City (just outside Washington, DC).

A Universal Service Platform

Name any American business that is more “universal” than the Postal Service. Name any government institution that reaches more people for that matter. Not even the IRS can claim to touch every American – Kids don’t pay taxes, but they do receive birthday cards and holiday gifts through “The Mail!”

In its own words, the “U.S. Postal Service makes the connection. Friends and families, business and customers. The USPS delivers to every address in America, from the biggest cities to the smallest hamlets. The U.S. Mail is part of the fundamental infrastructure of this nation. It is a basic connection between all the people and all their institutions. This is its mandate – binding the nation together. This is its commitment – providing secure, reliable, affordable delivery of mail and packages.”

Providing “Universal Service” to all Americans is a herculean obligation – an enormous task by any measure at any time.  Yet through its universal connection with all of us, it also brings marvelous opportunities to anticipate and adapt to the changing needs of future generations.

Universal Opportunities

At PostalVision 2020’s ninth Washington DC area annual conference, stakeholders from all-across the postal-parcel-logistics world will come together once again to Embrace the Opportunities we have to reinvent our global delivery ecosystem.

As ecommerce growth and changing consumer behaviors bring changes in the mail and parcel products mix around the globe,  new operating and business models are developing overnight. Digital technologies are opening windows into markets that were unimaginable just a decade ago. Goods now flow rapidly, securely and almost seamlessly from link to link along the supply chain. Posts, private carriers and service providers connect and collaborate in their collective mission to ensure universal coverage.

At PostalVision 2020/9.0 we will address the most pressing, provocative and providential issues facing our rapidly transforming global delivery industry – with our eyes on Opportunities!

Contributions Are Welcome

PostalVision is designed as a highly conversational and interactive event. Contributions in the way of presentation content, session sponsorship, limited exhibition and active onsite delegate engagement are welcome. And prospective speakers are now invited to suggest how they might like to contribute to topical discussions about the following, and/or additional Opportunities for ecosystem excellence and advancement.

  • New public/private partnership opportunities
  • “Informed” mail technology applications
  • Robotic fulfillment and distribution
  • Unmanned transport and delivery
  • “Sustainable” power and waste reduction
  • Global addressing standards
  • “Seamless” cross-border customs clearance
  • Consumer driven “B2Me” parcel access
  • Expanded retail locations and automated access
  • Returning to Returns

Please Contact

John Callan, Founder – The PostalVision 2020 Initiative

Sponsorship and promotional opportunities will be available. For information, contact John Sasso at jsasso@ursamajorassociates.com.

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