USPS Exec Dennis Nicoski to Deliver Keynote

“Return to the Future”

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Dennis Nicoski, Acting Senior Vice President of Sales & Customer Relations, U.S. Postal Service, will deliver the luncheon keynote at the upcoming “Return to the Future” event to be held on September 20, 2018, at the Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University.

Nicoski is a renowned speaker in both his current role at USPS and prior roles in the organization.  He is scheduled to speak at the The DMA’s annual &Then event in October 2018, at the Consumer Returns Management 2018 event in October 2018, and at the Home Delivery World event in 2019.  Nicoski joins previously announced USPS officials participating in the one-day event, including USPS Vice President of Product Innovation Gary Reblin and USPS Director of Product Management, Shipping, Jay Smith.   Reblin will participate on a panel in a session around innovation in retail and the customer experience, and Smith joins the recently announced panel line-up on the consumer experience with returns.

“Return to the Future”, presented by PostalVision 2020 and the Reverse Logistics Association (RLA) will include a variety of sessions and panels focused on product returns.  The September 20th event will focus on the growing opportunities, challenges, innovations and more being seen with product returns and reverse logistics.  Sessions included in the one-day event agenda will cover topics such as an overview of the returns/reverse logistics supply chain, market trends, consumer & retailer perspectives, solutions from shippers and intermediaries, new technology and innovation in the ecosystem, new returns models and more!

dennis-nicoskiDennis Nicoski was named acting senior vice president of sales and customer relations for the USPS in March 2018. He oversees the direction and management of the Sales organization, as well as business and customer support provided by the Business Service Network (BSN) and Customer Care Centers. Nicoski is responsible for the following: customer acquisition; business and residential customer service support; revenue growth and retention; business development; and improving USPS market competitiveness and sales for all commercial mailers, including small, mid-sized and large businesses. He reports to the chief customer and marketing officer and executive vice president.  Before this role, Nicoski served as the director of field sales strategy and contracts, where he oversaw the development of customized mailing and shipping solutions for the nation’s largest mailers and shippers.

Nicoski began his Postal Service career in Minneapolis in 1984. His career experience includes a variety of management and staff positions in marketing, sales, customer service, retail and operations support in Minneapolis and  Duluth, MN; Chicago, IL; St. Louis, MO; and Washington, D.C.  Nicoski is a 2004 graduate of the Advanced Leadership Program and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Michigan.

This great speaker announcement is just the latest in the exciting roster of confirmed speakers already announced for this great one-day event!

More exciting speakers and panelists for the event will be announced in the coming weeks and will include representatives from academia, shippers/carriers and other supply chain businesses, retailers, and more!

For more information or to Register to attend the event, check out the PostalVision 2020 web site.  For information on sponsor and exhibit opportunities, contact John Sasso or John Callan.

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