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PostalVision 2020/8.0

Event Theme:  “Daring — Sharing — Caring”

April 3-5, 2018

Event Announcements:

“Imagine” Session at PostalVision: Provocative & Exciting.  Imagine. How do you think our postal-delivery-logistics ecosystem will change in the next 10, 20 or even 30 years? Will it still include a monopoly-protected postal system in the U.S.? Will Americans still be provided with universal service anywhere in the U.S. for the same price? How will mail and parcels be delivered in the future? How will the USPS model continue to function in an environment of declining mail volume and growing parcel volume? Or will mail bounce back through new digital-physical channel integrations? What do consumers, users, and senders/shippers need in a future postal-parcel infrastructure? And what changes are needed to the USPS business model to keep it financially stable?  Join an esteemed panel of visionaries, thought leaders, and others and hear what they “Imagine” future decades will bring to our industry ecosystem. Their diverse and sometimes controversial viewpoints will kick off an interactive discussion with attendees.  The session will be moderated by the Hon. Dan G. Blair, senior counselor at the BiPartisan Policy Center, and will include panelists Hon. David Williams, distinguished professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government, GMU; Lori Rectanus, Director of Physical Infrastructure, Government Accountability Office (GAO); Brody Buhler, Global Managing Director of Accenture’s Post and Parcel Industry Group; Dr. Ramesh Ratan, CEO of Bell and Howell; and Elmar Toime, Chairman of the Postea Group.

PostalVision Session to Navigate the Product Journey of Today…and Tomorrow.  With ecommerce growth projections continuing to climb with no end in sight, it is imperative that the end-to-end supply chain consider all aspects of the product journey to the consumer, both today and tomorrow!  At the upcoming PostalVision event, two panels of thought leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and supply chain experts will discuss aspects of the product journey with an eye toward the challenges and opportunities that the future will bring.  Discussing the rapidly changing transportation leg of the product journey, including autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and more will be Jessica Raines, Public Policy Specialist, USPS Office of the Inspector General; and George Miller, Sr. Manager, National Fleet Sales, battery powered vehicle powerhouse BYD America Corp. Next, PostalVision welcomes back entrepreneur ShipBob, with panelist Shipton Bogle, Account Executive, discussing ShipBob’s order fulfillment solution for online stores.  Adding to the technology side of product transportation will be Kumardev Chatterjee, founder & CEO of Unmanned Life, which provides “autonomy-as-a-service” solutions to provision and manage on-demand, scalable, flexible and agile autonomous workforce composed of fleets of drones, robots and IoT devices working together. Panelist Sverker Lindbo, Head of Concept Development for leading European online supermarket Ocado will talk about the delivery from warehouse model and what the future may bring.  Looking at the address and delivery side of the product journey, Santosh KG, Founder of Ship2MyID will share their model of enabling physical shipments to digital only contact information. And Jamie Siminoff, Chief Inventor and CEO at Ring (which was recently acquired by Amazon) will talk about issues around product delivery security.

USPS VPs Monteith and Reblin to Join PostalVision 2020/8.0; Draft Agenda Posted.  PostalVision 2020/8.0 is pleased to announce that Gary Reblin, Vice President Product Innovation, U.S. Postal Service, and Steve Monteith, Vice President Marketing, U. S. Postal Service, are joining the roster of distinguished postal ecosystem leaders speaking at PostalVision’s eight annual conference taking place at The Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City, April 3-5, 2018. As Product Innovation VP, Reblin reports to the Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President and is responsible for product development for all mail and shipping products as well as innovation as the USPS integrates with emerging technologies. Reblin will join jury for the PostalPitch Start-Up competition, where he and innovation counterparts from leading foreign posts SwissPost, GeoPost, PostNL and StartUp incubator Plug and Play, will judge entries from a fresh crop of entrepreneurs working to meet the challenges and take advantage of the rapid transformation of the global postal-parcel-logistics-delivery ecosystem.  As Marketing VP at USPS, Monteith reports to the Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President and leads the development and implementation of strategies, policies and programs that reflect the Postal Service’s strong emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service at every level of the organization.  The draft (nearly final!) agenda for our April 3-5, 2018 event has been posted on the web site, and today’s speaker announcement is just the latest reason to reserve your seat NOW!

PostalPitch StartUp Award — Finalists Announced.   PostalPitch invited StartUps to present innovative products or solutions with a unique value proposition that may have the potential to change the postal and logistics market or even create a new market. The finalists have just been announced, and will present their idea, product or solution to the event audience, and a jury of postal and logistics experts will select the StartUp that ranks best according to the award criteria.  PostalPitch is pleased to announce the following will serve on the StartUp competition jury:  Thierry Golliard, Director Open Innovation & Venturing, Swiss Post; Olaf Klargaard, Director, Innovation, Geopost; Karlijn Krol, StartUp Scout, PostNL Innovation Studio; Gary Reblin, Vice President, Product Innovation, USPS; Farzin Shadpour, Vice President and Managing Director, Supply Chain, PlugandPlay; and Elmar Toime, Chairman Postea Group.

IPC, Geopost, Swiss Post, Posti Finland to Bring Global Innovation Perspectives to PostalVision April 2018 Event.  Change is the new norm in the postal and logistics sector, and the global market is constantly absorbing new technologies and innovations. It is hard to keep up with the trends and developments, let alone anticipate them. However, around the globe, postal and logistics companies have proven over the past years that they are capable of implementing new technologies and responding successfully to their customers’ demands. They have become innovation pioneers. PostalVision2020 has always put innovation in its focus, and our upcoming event will again showcase innovation from around the globe. In this year’s “Innovation and Global Perspectives” session, which will be moderated by the chairman of the Postal Innovation Platform (PIP), Bernhard Bukovc, we strive to capture some of the key developments in the international landscape.  We will hear from Holger Winklbauer, President and CEO of the International Post Corporation (IPC) about their cross border eCommerce solutions and other innovative services developed by IPC and its members. Bernard Haurie, Deputy DG and Senior Vice President for Innovation, HR and eCommerce at Geopost (Groupe La Poste, France) will talk about the company’s strategy, market opportunities and the role that innovation and new technology will play. Thierry Golliard, Director of PostVenture, Swiss Post’s venture capital branch, will highlight the importance of innovation and the cooperation with start-ups for Swiss Post and will explain how the company transformed into one of the world’s most innovative logistics providers. Juha Tolvanen, Head of Network Design, Posti Finland will present the latest developments in state of the art location solutions and how they can significantly increase Posti’s logistics processes.

Renowned Visionary John Hagel to Keynote PostalVision April 2018 EventReturning to PostalVision 2020’s center stage at its April 3-5, 2018, event will be renowned headline speaker John Hagel of Deloitte’s “Center for the Edge” Silicon Valley think-tank. John previously appeared at PostalVision’s annual event in 2015, where he spoke about the premise of his book, “The Power of Pull,” and helped us comprehend the growing empowerment of the consumer and its influence on ecommerce delivery — which actually led to our addressing the concept in depth at the following year’s conference in 2016, that we themed “B2Me.” John will be kicking off the PostalVision 2020/8.0 April 2018 event with his observations about the challenges of the new digital economy and his opinions about its influence on the postal ecosystem.

Ring Founder & Chief Inventor, Jamie Siminoff, to Speak on Package Theft Prevention at PostalVision 2020/8.0.  You’ve probably already “met” Jamie Siminoff in Ring’s convincing TV commercials—his company, Ring, is on a mission to reduce neighborhood crime and educate consumers on the rising threat of package thefts. With nearly one in five homeowners falling victim to package thefts, Ring founded National Package Protection Day to bring awareness to this issue, and Jamie will join us at PostalVision 2020/8.0 to discuss the problematic phenomenon that we in the delivery industry know only too well as “porch piracy.”

PostalVision 2020 Introducing New StartUp Competition at April Event.  Inspired by the great success of their collaborative PIP StartUp Innovation event launched in Europe at Post-Expo 2017, program co-chairs Bernhard Bukovc of PIP and John Callan of PostalVision, are excited to be bringing this partnered initiative to North America during PostalVision 2020/8.0. The new PostalPitch™ StartUp competition will invite entrepreneurs from all over the world to present their latest ideas, products and solutions to the greater global postal-parcel-logistics-delivery industry at PostalVision’s eighth annual event taking place at The Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City, April 3-5, 2018.

Back by Popular Demand — L2’s Cooper Smith at PostalVision April 2018 Event.  Proclaimed by participants as one of the best speakers at PostalVision’s 2017 annual event, Cooper Smith, Director of Amazon Intelligence, at business intelligence firm L2 Inc., will return to the PostalVision’s platform at its April 2018 event. Don’t miss Cooper’s presentation, where he will provide an update on the state of e-commerce delivery (including some data to be first released to attendees of the event!). As L2’s resident expert on all things Amazon as well as the broader ecommerce market, Cooper will provide PostalVision event attendees with the latest news and analysis on activities by Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Target and other big box retailers as they look to solve the “last mile” delivery puzzle.

Amazon’s Paul Misener to Keynote PostalVision 2020/8.0.  PostalVision 2020 is pleased to announce and welcome Paul Misener, Amazon’s Vice President for Global Innovation Policy and Communications, as a keynote speaker for our eighth annual conference, at The Ritz Carlton Pentagon City, April 3-5, 2018. We are especially pleased to have Paul join us as Amazon’s first presenting participant at a PostalVision event, to represent a leading postal – parcel – logistics player that exemplifies this year’s conference theme, “Daring – Sharing – Caring.” By Daring to practically invent today’s B2Me ecommerce industry – Sharing its online marketplace, fulfillment operations and cloud data capacity – Caring relentlessly about its customers, Amazon serves as a sterling example and reference point for our PostalVision conversation about the significance of these concepts to our rapidly transforming ecosystem. We look forward to having Paul Misener share Amazon’s perspectives!



Event Theme Announced!

PostalVision 2020 has announced the theme for its April 3-5, 2018 event:  “Daring — Sharing — Caring” and early bird registration is NOW OPEN! 

Navigating a safe course from the traditional, well-defined and highly regulated 20th century global postal and delivery industry structure into the inchoate, unsettled and largely liberalized 21st century model is proving to be mighty tricky. The marketplace has gone topsy-turvy. Core mail products are facing challenges from digital alternatives and emerging as brand new integrated channels, while ecommerce-driven parcels may soon be guided by electronic sensors, autonomous drones and robots. The path to a sure footing is still unclear.

For seven years, PostalVision has been keeping its eye on this treacherous transformational journey in an earnest attempt to plot the industry’s most successful strategic trajectory. We have heard everything from provocative prognostications, cautioned by rational reticence, followed by unbridled entrepreneurial enthusiasm at our annual conferences! Meanwhile the rate of structural change seems only to be accelerating in response to growing consumer demands for having access to just about everything, just the way they choose.

“Daring – Sharing – Caring”

At our eighth annual PostalVision conference, we will seek to discover ideal paths forward by peeling this transformational challenge apart into three key attributes — “Daring, Sharing and Caring.”  We think that this trio of core concepts will serve as essential drivers for meeting the needs of future customers and we will learn how visionaries, experts, and practitioners interpret them as well.


Real progress is impossible without daring to take risks. Reinvention requires courage to make mistakes, to learn from them, and to try again. It means breaking the rules, which in some institutions is culturally discouraged. Yet deliberate disruption of conventional models has proven to be a key strategic approach for the most successful new businesses of the 21st century in many industries, including the postal-parcel-delivery sector.

Join us at PostalVision 2020/8.0 to learn how digital algorithms are undermining established operating systems. Examine how asset-lite business models are leapfrogging capital intensive infrastructures. Hear from “new economy” luminaries about daring moves being undertaken by established entities as well as iconoclastic start-ups. Learn why venture capitalists are willing to risk hundreds of millions of dollars on unproven ideas pitched by brash and brilliant young dreamers.


Can we remember a time when “Sharing” defined an economic model?   When businesses were launched based on the value of sharing of underutilized resources, assets, real estate, vehicles, or data?  Or between businesses with their customers and their competitors? “Coopetition” now describes the business of sharing between competitors, collaborating to serve a greater good while still maintaining independence. The new “sharing economy” is influencing all commerce, while enhancing societal environmental interests as well.

Other new economic terms like “gig economy,” “crowd-sourcing,” “two-sided markets,” and “cloud storage” are commonly referenced by analysts to describe many new “asset-lite” businesses that rapidly scale based on shared knowledge and aggregated data.

Of course, the Postal Service platform has always provided shared universal service at standard economical rates to all U.S. residents.  Competitive carriers and third-party service providers share the vast nationwide postal network and the economies of scale that enable the lowest possible last mile and delivery costs.


Digitally empowered customers are now cared for as never before. The new delivery reality that PostalVision has described as “B2Me” demands a heightened level of customer care and responsiveness through ubiquitous digital access.

Yet it’s not just the most demanding customers that need care. The Postal Service’s “Universal Service Obligation” mandates that all citizens are cared for equally, regardless of their Internet access, digital savvy or broadband speed; or whether they are domiciled in urban or rural areas.

And lest we forget that we currently depend upon some 500,000 U. S. Postal Service workers plus another estimated seven million in the private sector to make this vast ecosystem in the U.S. operate so smoothly. Its people, often unseen and taken for granted, function as the lifeblood of this circulatory delivery network. Properly caring for them through the unsettling conditions of these transformational times is essential to the smooth and perpetual flow of mail and parcels.

Hear how we can care for and nurture the ever-expanding field of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and innovators entering our global postal ecosystem, knowing the brash dreamers of today often become the innovation leaders of tomorrow.

Join the Conversation!

Dare to express your thoughts. Share your concerns and ideas. Care about what the next generation should have in the way of Postal Service and about how we all care for our global postal customers! Join us at PostalVision 2020/8.0, April 3-5, 2018.  And keep a look out for our next announcement about speakers and topics coming shortly!

After a very successful 2017 annual event (not to mention our special one-day “excursion” event held in January 2017), the PostalVision team is hard at work planning the 2018 event.  Check back soon for more information on our event theme and more details!   In the interim, SAVE THE DATE for 2018 and EARLY BIRD PRICING is Now Available!


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