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PostalVision 2020/7.0 Event to Showcase Innovators and Entrepreneurs


March 13, 2017 (Arlington, Va.)  – As eCommerce continues to grow, so do customer demands – not only for low cost (or free!) and fast shipping and returns options, but also for customized solutions that fit their needs, and give them more control over the how, when and where of delivery!  The March 21-22, 2017 PostalVision event will showcase new customer-centric eCommerce solutions in the shipping, receiving, and “finding the right fit” parts of the customer experience.  Moderated by Mike Comstock, co-founder Ursa Major Associates, Senior Advisor, GrandCanals, three separate panels at the event will share innovations and insights.

The “shipping” panel will include Anthony Watson, ShipBob; Laura Behrens Wu, Shippo; Brad Harrell, CargoGlide; and Steve Burns, Workhorse/Horsefly.  From ShipBob’s new model for simplified eCommerce shipping, to Shippo’s multi-carrier shipping platform for businesses, to CargoGlide’s revolutionary  delivery vehicle sliding interior solutions, to Workhorse’s electric vehicle and drone solutions (currently being tested by UPS), these innovators are all about new solutions that make the shipping experience more customer-centric and efficient.

The “receiving” panel will include Doug Breaker, Earth Class Mail; Kelly Thresher, USPS Office of Inspector General; Shuai Jiang, uCella; and Stacy Kohlmeier, Florence Package Concierge.   Whether it’s mail receiving/scanning/handling services from Earth Class Mail, or “smart” package lockers, boxes, apps and more from uCella or Package Concierge, or research the USPS OIG is doing around ways technology can be leveraged to create a better customer and recipient experience, this group brings their unique perspectives to the event.

Taking a closer look at “finding the right fit” will be Kelan Raph, GrandCanals, and Jay Fielding, MuleSoft.  MuleSoft’s API solutions are helping posts innovate and enhance customer-facing apps to help transform their business.  GrandCanals’ Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud helps businesses improve their fulfillment processes to “get lean and stay lean”, using SaaS software to provide the control necessary to succeed in the rapidly transforming   eCommerceworld.   New customer-centric eCommerce solutions also are being seen in the returns end of the ecosystem, and PostalVision will include an expert panel on returns and reverse logistics innovations.

Mike Comstock Grand Canals 2017Mike Comstock is Senior Advisor to GrandCanals, Inc, an innovative start-up providing the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud for eCommerce.  Starting with DHL Worldwide Express in its formative days, Mike played a pivotal role in many aspects of the company’s evolution both in the US and globally. Mike was the DHL architect of the innovative Global Express Guaranteed service developed and implemented jointly with US Postal Service.  Mike is the co-founder of Ursa Major Associates, LLC, a strategy consulting firm specializing in express, postal and logistics business transformation. He has also held senior positions with Borderlinx, InterSchola and TestMart.


Anthony Watson ShipBobAnthony Watson, head of Business Development, will discuss how innovator ShipBob is changing the way people ship. ShipBob is a smart phone application which allows consumers to ship items by a simple click of their mobile phone camera. The customer takes a photo of the item they want shipped and tells ShipBob where and how they want it shipped. A ShipBob agent comes to their location and collects it, then packages it and ships it via their chosen carrier.


laura-behrens-wu-shippoLaura Behrens Wu is a co-founder and the CEO of Shippo, the better way for businesses to connect with shipping carriers to print labels, track packages and more. Laura co-founded Shippo after personally experiencing the obstacles businesses face when setting up their shipping operations for her own e-commerce business. Under Laura’s leadership, Shippo has grown to ship millions of packages each month and help thousands of businesses across the world.



Brad Harrell CargoGlideBrad Harrell  is CEO of CargoGlide, the Industry leader in rolling tray systems for commercial and light industrial vehicle applications.  Brad received his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Master’s degree in Human Resource Development from Colorado State University.  He completed the Development of Base Work Systems 2000 TQM Training Program, which was created for businesses to formalize processes for every function of any business, and was adopted as curriculum at CSU level 700 MBA for Human Resource Development.


Stephen Burns Workhorse HorseflySteve Burns, co-founder and CEO of Workhorse, will discuss their HorseFly™ drone/UAV which is designed to speed package delivery while cutting costs. When mated to a Workhorse electric truck, the HorseFly™ drone/UAV can quickly recharge from the truck’s large battery. With delivery trucks scattered within almost any region during the day, the UAV can make short flights from the vehicle, as opposed to flying from a warehouse for each delivery.


doug Breaker EarthClass MailDoug Breaker is CEO, Earth Class Mail, whose virtual business address + virtual mail products give businesses reliability, efficiency, and security for their postal mail and address needs. Earth Class Mail’s suite of intelligent mail products enable businesses to spend less time dealing with paper and spend more time growing their businesses. Prior joining Earth Class Mail, Doug served as CEO of, and held various Product positions at


Kelly Thresher USPS OIGKelly Thresher is a Public Policy Specialist at the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General’s Risk Analysis Research Center. She is a member of the Customer Segmentation team, with research focusing on how technology can be leveraged to create a better customer and recipient experience. Her body of research includes papers on mail innovations, generational studies, neuromarketing, and advertising mail. She earned her J.D. from the Antonin Scalia Law School (formerly George Mason University School of Law) and is barred in Virginia. She received her B.A. from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with a double major in Public Administration and Strategic Communication.


Shuai Jiang UcellaShuai Jiang is the co-founder of uCella and the head of the product team. He oversees the product strategy of the company, and is dedicated to building a team of world-class engineers to make delivery/pickup easy for couriers, e-retailers and consumers. With full stack engineering background, Shuai worked in software development, technical consulting and product management positions at EMC and HP before becoming a co-founder at uCella. He received a MBA degree from UC Berkeley where he first started to work on the uCella idea.


Stacy Kohlmeier FlorenceStacy Kohlmeier, VP Marketing & Sales, Florence Corporation is responsible for sales, customer service, marketing, and new product/market development. Florence is the recognized leader in developing and supplying secure, centralized mail and parcel delivery equipment in North America. In 2013, Package Concierge® selected Florence and its ExpressLocker™ automated parcel locker system. Package Concierge® is now the leading provider of multifamily electronic package management systems in the U.S.


Kelan Raph GrandCanalsKelan Raph is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at GrandCanals – the market leader in Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Kelan has provided global logistics & transportation solutions to the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. With over two decades of hands-on global logistics & transportation experience, he creates and implements supply chain efficiencies within the GrandCanals’ platform that enable clients to grow, compete and profit. Kelan is a visionary in global e-retail distribution, including order management, fulfillment, software development and technology integration.


Jay Fielding MuleSoftJay Fielding is a Sr. Solutions Consultant for MuleSoft supporting Federal and commercial customers. In his role at MuleSoft, he helps customers build modern APIs that adopt industry best practices. Jay is a trusted advisor to help agencies like FCC, USDA and Treasury build and manage their APIs.  Jay is an active member of the DC API meetup community where has been a speaker and panelist. Jay has also participated in 18F API portal review sessions where he has provided early feedback on new APIs for NASA, NIH and the Patent office.


And there’s more — the PostalVision event will kick off by hearing from leading experts and visionaries about the new digital economy and its impact on the global postal/logistics/delivery ecosystem, as well as presentations on the “Prime Membership Ecosystem,” and “The New Delivery Reality.”  We will then take a closer look at cross-border issues and hear global perspectives on new strategies, opportunities and challenges.  Attendees will not only hear about new business models for parcels, but also the innovation and changes as new models blend digital experiences with physical mail.   In addition to a live VR demonstration for participants during the digital/physical session, industry experts will share insights on how the ecosystem is entering the world of VR and the opportunities it presents.

Location has never been a more relevant part of the model than today, with emerging models tied to proximity and all things local.  In addition, the ecosystem is changing as new 3d printing/additive manufacturing models are causing the ecosystem to take another look at local distribution/fulfillment.  Panels will provide a diverse look across the “local” movement these disruptions are bringing.  Lastly, it wouldn’t be “PostalVision” without hearing from those charged with oversight and regulation of the U.S. Postal Service.  An esteemed panel will re-cap key points from PostalVision’s “Delivery by Design” event held earlier this year to discuss issues around the USPS’ mailbox monopoly, as well as other postal policy issues.

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