Announcing PostalVision 2020/6.0 “B2Me – Game Changers”

Learn how empowered consumers are changing the game and join the conversation about what this means for the global postal ecosystem at PostalVision 2020/6.0 – “B2Me – Game Changers,” at The Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City, March 15-16, 2016.

Today’s consumers are asserting control over what, when, where, and how they receive both marketing messages and purchased goods, as never before. “B2Me” is about how businesses are changing the way they message — it’s not just marketing to folks “like me,” it’s marketing to “me.” And it’s about learning “my” preferences for messaging and delivery of purchased goods and then accommodating them in ways that meet those preferences. Today’s technology is empowering consumers with unprecedented control as well as ways to communicate their preferences.

Businesses are learning how to gather, interpret and use data about customer preferences to message and deliver to consumers in the ways they desire. To support the B2Me phenomenon, however, supply chain forces need to reverse their direction from push to pull, and new business models are emerging in response. Service providers are increasingly challenged to meet these changing demands.

At our sixth annual PostalVision 2020/6.0 conference about “Reinventing the Postal Ecosystem,” attendees will discover and discuss the implications, challenges, and opportunities arising from the new forces in consumer-centric marketing and delivery that we call “B2Me – Game Changers.”

Program Highlights

PostalVision 2020/6.0 will begin with discussions around growing consumer power and changing preferences, as presented by digital visionaries. Researchers will follow with substantiating data to help attendees better understand the emerging “B2Me” phenomenon.

The topic of data analytics itself will be examined as a means of learning, comprehending and even predicting what consumers want, along with concerns for privacy.

Inventive and game-changing responses to consumers’ desires for more choice and control over their receipt of goods will be introduced. Supply chain modifications and enhancements will be examined and completely new business models considered.

Agenda specifics, speakers and panelists for “B2Me – Game Changers” will be announced soon, covering one and a half days of powerful conversation about how the postal ecosystem must adapt to the growing forces of empowered consumers.

Join the Conversation!

PostalVision 2020 6.0 will present a great opportunity to engage with thought leaders in the continuing conversation about our future postal ecosystem and what changes need to occur among the end-to-end supply chain partners. From messaging consumers about products and services, through the delivery of purchased goods and beyond, how the market responds to the growing “B2Me” desires of consumers will determine its success in the future.

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