Next stop – PostExpo in Paris next week!


I’ve hardly had time to do laundry and repack following PIP’s successful conference in Geneva two weeks ago, before heading off to PostExpo 2015 in Paris next week! Representatives from all over the Global Postal Ecosystem, feeling refreshed by summer holidays, are energized and eager to get together to learn and talk about the latest technological, business, and policy developments that continue to reshape the postal delivery industry – seemingly about as fast as drones are now proven to deliver parcels!

UPU Director General Bishar Hussein kicked off the PIP event with an inspiring call for “radical reform” throughout the global postal sector. Saudi Post Dr. Muhammad Benten spoke about “bridging” with partners; and Swiss Post CEO Susanne Ruoff spoke about the industry’s need to break down boundaries, collaborate, and assume risk while allowing for some failure.

Clearly the energy felt throughout the PIP 2015 program was all about the organization’s middle name, “Innovation.” And I was honored to moderate a stimulating discussion on “Managing Innovation,” with industry expert consultants David Spottiswood of SKS & Partners (formerly of DHL) and Nick Pendleton of Forge Strategy Associates (formerly of Royal Mail.)

My next stop is at PostExpo in Paris, where I’ll be participating in PIP Chairman Bernhard Bukovc’s session on “Developments Changing the Postal Sector,” along with an illustrious cast of experts from across the global postal platform. I hope you will join us when I deliver my thoughts about the emergence of “B2Me and Meeting the Challenge.” See the details on the PostExpo program below!

And get ready to hear more about PV2020’s “B2Me” theme as we get closer to announcing more details around our 2016 conference (yes, that was a little hint about the theme of our next conference!).  Don’t forget to check out our great Early Bird registration special going on now for a limited time!


11:40 – 13:40 – Developments changing the postal sector

Room 2 (Yellow)

In this session speakers will discuss developments and trends that influence and change the postal sector. They will reflect on innovation and new technologies, will discuss how the culture in postal organisations will adapt to the new market requirements and needs, and will also look at the role of postal regulation. This session at the end of the conference will thus combine different views and themes, and analyse how these different strands will shape the future of the postal sector.Moderator – Bernhard Bukovc, chairman, Postal Innovation Platform (PIP), Switzerland

11:40 – ‘B2Me’ delivery – meeting the challenge

John Callan, co-founder and managing director, Ursa Major Associates and PostalVision 2020, USA

E-commerce is empowering consumers with unprecedented powers. They can now shop for what they want, when and where they want, and will soon demand to receive their goods just the way they want. How can traditional postal push delivery models meet this growing ‘power of pull’?

11:55 – Regulating postal markets

Dr Alfred Stratil, former director, Regulatory Commission, Austria

When opening postal markets in Europe, a regulatory regime has been introduced in all EU-member states. The EU-model of regulating postal markets shows that liberalization does not necessarily bring competition. Is regulation and competition a contradiction? Can we use this model in other countries or regions outside Europe? Do we still need sector-specific regulation? What is the future of Universal Service? How can it be financed? The speaker will discuss these questions and show different models of how to regulate postal services/markets and guarantee Universal Service.

12:10 – Innovating the post’s transport and delivery network

Hans Jongebloed, postal expert, Prime Competence, Netherlands

Postal companies all over the world face a major transition in their delivery network. Letter volumes are declining, and – due to e-commerce – parcel volumes are exploding. The question is: how will postal companies keep an economic healthy delivery/last-mile network? In my presentation, I will show an alternative way of looking at the possibilities of the last-mile network and converting its cost into profit.

12:25 – Cryptocurrencies and blockchain – opportunities for the postal sector

Dr Christian Jaag, managing partner, Swiss Economics, Switzerland

The cryptocurrency bitcoin has generated a lot of positive and negative headlines in the media. Blockchain, the fundamental technology behind bitcoin, contains a lot of disruptive potential for financial services and beyond. What are the impacts of blockchain for the postal sector?

12:40 – Entrepreneurship and open innovation – renewal for innovation management

Delphine Desgurse, director innovation, Le Groupe La Poste, France

The presentation discusses new programmes for enhancing innovation within Groupe La Poste: 20 projects for 2020 – a strategic kick for entrepreneurship, new energy, new business ideas, new culture; open innovation programmes, from startup acceleration to open innovation projects.

12:55 – Postal regulation in modern times

Jan Bart Henry, head of EU Affairs, Post NL, Netherlands

The postal environment is changing very quickly. The main challenges for the postal incumbents are not market liberalisation and further automation of processes, as foreseen as change drivers ten to 15 years ago, but mail volume decline, parcel delivery growth and privatisation. Regulation should evolve simultaneously. From his more than 10-year experience in Brussels and numerous discussions with experts at other postal operators, Jan Bart Henry will elaborate on these changes and the need for adaptation of postal regulation.

By John Callan

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