Finnish Post in Trial Period for Drone Delivery

The trend of drone delivery seems to be moving towards real progress each day. This summer the FAA approved its first drone delivery which was flown by PostalVision2020/4.0 speaker Matt Sweeny’s own Flirtey. This was surrounded by more news of Matternet partnering with Swiss Post for their own drone exploration.  Matternet CEO Andreas Raptopoulos presented at PostalVision2020/4.0 his vision of a new drone network that could revolutionize medical deliveries and the transportation systems of our cities. Now that government’s around the world seem more inclined to try this idea out, it seems as though Finland will be the next country to get in the mix.

Finland’s own postal service, Posti, is now partnering with, one of Finland’s leading e-commerce retailers, to test drones out right now! The trial period goes from September 2nd to September 4th and could provide significant progress to the adaption of drones for delivery. Posti has taken the initiative, as a post, to put drones in the air and continue to be an innovator among posts. states that its number one priority is safety during these trials, which makes sense as the public’s number one concern regarding drones appears to be the dangers of unmanned vehicles in the sky.

To read more about Finland’s latest push check out Posti’s own site.

By Bryan Klepacki

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