Announcing PostalVision 2020/5.0 – Why “Customers – Connections – Collaboration?”

PostalVision 2020 will convene for the fifth time on March 10-11, 2015, at The Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City, to consider how the forces of “Customers, Connections and Collaboration” are driving radical transformation and constructive reinvention of a dynamic and sustainable global postal ecosystem.


The PostalVision 2020/5.0 theme is rooted in recognition that:

  • The Internet is facilitating an unprecedented shift in power towards customers
  • That all establishments and consumers, senders and receivers are postal customers
  • That it is the business and obligation of the Postal Service to connect them all
  • That successful transformation through the power shift depends upon collaboration between customers, posts, service providers, suppliers, regulators and postal workers

Shift of Power towards Customers

In his foreword to Larry Weber’s new book, “The Digital Marketer,“ George F. Colony, Chairman and CEO of Forrester Research, Inc. notes that “….we are entering what Forrester calls ‘the age of the customer’– a 20 year business cycle in which the most successful enterprises will reinvent themselves to systematically understand and serve increasingly powerful customers. Customers will take power from institutions (especially companies) through their access to precise pricing, social voice, and ability to buy anything, from anywhere, from anyone, at any time.”

John Hagel, Co-chairman of Deloitte LLP’s Silicon Valley based Center for the Edge, describes  transformation of power in his book “From Push to Pull,” as the “Big Shift” – “a fundamental reordering of the way we live, learn, socialize, play, and work that is now taking place, driven by a new technology infrastructure and public policy changes.”

The forces of Hagel’s “Big Shift” and Colony’s “age of the customer” are clearly being felt by postal institutions everywhere – both in negative and positive ways.  A post’s traditional role of delivering mail from businesses to businesses (transactional First Class Mail), businesses to consumers (bill presentment, direct mail, catalogs, periodicals), consumers to businesses (bill payment, business reply) and consumers to consumers (social) is declining for one reason. Empowered by Internet technologies, customers are choosing electronic communications over traditional mail.  And yet thanks to the same source of technological empowerment, the Internet, consumers are choosing to shop at online stores as opposed to malls, resulting in a different choice of postal delivery service for packages.

Program Approach

We are delighted that John Hagel will join us at PostalVision 2020/5.0 to kick-off our future vision conversation as will returning PV 2020 speakers and Internet thought leading authors, Marshall Van Alstyne, Jeff Jarvis, and Larry Weber. This foursome will then engage in a stimulating “fireside chat” before opening the discussion up further to the full conference.

The full program will then play out over a day and a half of facilitated conversation between speakers, panelists and conference registrants, while weaving the theme of Customers – Connections – Collaboration through a series of interactive discussions in four key areas of focus:

Four Areas of Focus 2

Four areas

Program Development is Ongoing

Our PostalVision 2020/5.0 program continues in development. Topics are being identified and confirmed, speakers selected and timing scheduled. Agenda updates will be posted as they occur.

What’s New for our Fifth Annual Event?

PV 2020/5.0 will be new and different in at least two few significant ways:

  • Full-conference conversational format

A concerted practice of interactive and open discussion will permeate our PostalVision 2020 Conference this year, allowing for speakers and conference participants to delve into pressing issues raised in key areas of focus. Presenters from across the postal ecosystem including USPS, foreign posts, private sector service providers, consultants, innovators, inventors and a variety of customer segments will engage actively with PostalVision 2020/5.0 registrants. The full program will be deliberately constructed around professionally facilitated discussions between expert speakers, panelists and registered conference participants. Registrants will be seated at round-tables of eight, each with a designated moderator. Issues, questions, ideas will be raised during full session presentations, to be addressed in ten minute round-table conversations with moderators reporting back relevant comments to the full session.

  • Expanded global scope

PV2020 is proud and pleased to welcome the Postal Innovation Platform (PIP) as its global partner for this fifth event. PIP is a unique platform and forum that focuses on innovative postal services and studies the future of the postal industry with a solution oriented approach under the umbrella of an academic postal research centre, EPFL-MIR, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and Swiss Post.  PIP representatives attending PV2020/5.0 will participate fully in all conference proceedings.

Plan to Join Us!

Registration is now open and a $200 discount off of the full conference registration fee of $1495 is available through December 31st. So register here now and keep watching for weekly agenda and speaker updates.

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