A New Internet for Atoms?

Drone Delivery that helps connect the world with Matter

Over one Billion people in the world live in a place where they are not physically connected to the outside world. Most of these individuals live in poverty and desperately need access to basic medical supplies, but are unable to get them. Andreas Raptopoulos has found an ecologically friendly and fast way to begin to connect the world while building a relatively cheap infrastructure. How could this be possible? Through drone delivery. It seems like science fiction until you see Andreas explain it:



Delivery drones not only have the potential to revolutionize the way we distribute medical supplies but could also change our delivery systems in modern day cities. With approximately 3.5 billion people living in cities the world is in desperate need of modernizing its delivery systems. Andreas has a vision of a drone delivery infrastructure that could help reduce congestion in an ecologically friendly fashion.

Meet this innovative thinker and others at PostalVision 2020/4.0

Andreas Raptopoulos is the CEO of Matternet and is clearly looking at our delivery methods for 2020 and beyond, but he is not the only one. You can join Andreas and many more innovative thinkers at PostalVision 2020/4.0 “Pathways to a New Postal Paradigm” where we will see the most revolutionary ideas in the postal world being explored. To learn more about registration and the event click here!


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