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Carper is True to His Word | PostalVision 2020

Carper is True to His Word

Carper is true to his word to keep pushing for a Postal Reform Bill

during his onstage interview with me at PostalVision 2020/3.0 in April, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Carper told us that he wanted to have a Postal Reform bill on President Obama’s desk for signing by July 4.

He said; “Im a guy who works pretty well across the aisle and that’s what I hope we are going to do so we’ll see, and people ask me when (was) my last conversation with Tom (Coburn) and Daryl (Issa) and Elijah (Cummings) and myself talking about when we might want to get a bill done, and I said I’d be very happy if we could put a bill on the President’s desk that he would sign by the 4th of July recess. And if we can’t do it by then, before the August recess”

That didn’t quite happen but he has kept his word that he would keep working in earnest on a bi-partisan bill. And, on Thursday Sept 19th he may have inched the ball further down the field when convening Committee hearings: “Outside the Box: Reforming and Renewing the Postal Service, Part I – Maintaining Services, Reducing Costs, and Increasing Revenue Through Innovation and Modernization.”

The Committee heard testimony from PMG Pat Donahoe, PRC Chairman Ruth Goldway, USPS Inspector General David Willams, APWU President Cliff Guffey, NRLCA President Jeanette Dwyer, American Greetings President and COO John Breeder, DMA SVP Jerry Cerasale and Stamps.com CLO, Seth Weisberg.

Senator Carper is convincingly determined to get a bill passed. He told Delaware’s WDDE 91.1 FM NPR station.

“We’re not going to cut our way out of this dilemma,” said Carper. “It has to be about innovation and it has to be about finding a way for the Postal Service to be almost as important [to my sons] as it was it my generation while we served our country during the Vietnam War, and to my parents’ generation during World War II.”

“Whether it happens today, next month, or next year, it’s likely that postal customers will need to sacrifice at least some of the conveniences they enjoy today,” said Carper. “Our bill would give the Postal Service the authority it needs to adjust its operations to reflect the changing demand for the products and services it offers, and the changing needs of its customers.”

In response to the next obvious question, “Where Does the Legislation Stand?” Parcel Shippers’ Association, EVP & Counsel Pierce Myers has informed his members, (including Ursa Major Associates):

“For four years Congress has been wrestling with this situation through fits and starts in the House and Senate. The Senate did pass a bill last year (S.1789) which died when the last Congress adjourned.  The House postal committee approved a bill (H.R. 2748) earlier this year but no action by the full House is anticipated anytime in the near future. The Senate postal committee has shown interest recently on the latest Senate bill (S. 1486), and its leaders appear committed to forcing some action in coming weeks.”

Another Senate Committee hearing is scheduled for Sept. 26th.

By John Callan

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